Drama Unfold As Pastor Gabriel Agbala Call Out For Impregnating A Lady And Ignoring The Pregnant (Watch)

Pastor Agbala Gabriel, widely recognized for his philanthropic endeavors, has embarked on an extraordinary mission of compassion and unity. He has initiated a fundraising drive with the goal of providing assistance to individuals worldwide, particularly those who are facing significant challenges and desperately require help.

With his altruistic deeds, Pastor Agbala Gabriel aims to create a positive impact in the lives of those who are experiencing hardship. Through the fundraising campaign, his objective is to extend a helping hand to people around the world, offering them crucial aid and support during their times of adversity.

A video has surfaced on Facebook alleging that Pastor Gabriel Agbala impregnated a woman, but he denies being responsible for it. In the video, the woman can be heard pleading with Pastor Gabriel Agbala not to deny the pregnancy if he is indeed the father.

As per the video, the woman stated that the veracity of the situation cannot be confirmed since they have not obtained confirmation from Pastor Gabriel Agbala himself. She urged him to confess if he is indeed the one who impregnated the lady, emphasizing that it is not a sinful act and it does not have to hinder his calling unless he willingly tarnishes it.

The woman earnestly implored Pastor Gabriel Agbala to openly address the pregnancy issue.

Despite sending a message to Pastor Gabriel Agbala through his Facebook page, there has been no response thus far to ascertain the authenticity of the video.

Watch the video below;

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