“I only remembered him when I saw his video. How many actors will I remember?” – Iyabo Ojo reacts as many drag rich actors for not helping Sule Suebebe

Nigerian actress, Iyabo Ojo, has recently found herself at the center of a heated debate surrounding the support provided by wealthy actors to their colleagues in need.

In response to criticism directed at several rich actors for not assisting veteran actor Sule Suebebe and other vteran actors in need, Iyabo Ojo has shared her perspective, sparking a discussion on the responsibilities and challenges faced by successful individuals in the industry.

The controversy began when fans and social media users expressed disappointment in the lack of financial support shown by some well-off actors towards Sule Suebebe and some other veterans actors, who is currently facing challenging times. Many fans were quick to condemn the apparent indifference, questioning why wealthy actors were not stepping up to assist their fellow industry member.

In the midst of the criticism, Iyabo Ojo took to social media to share her thoughts on the matter. She expressed that she only remembered Sule Suebebe when she saw a video of him, admitting that it can be challenging to keep track of every actor’s situation. She emphasized that the responsibility to assist fellow actors should not solely rest on one or a few individuals.

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