‘I Am A Celebrity, It Is Forbidden To Help My Wife With House Chores,’ Actor Yemi My Lover

woman, she shouldn’t expect the man to buy everything and pay all the bills. She should support her husband. It is compulsory.

The man shouldn’t be left to buy everything and pay all the bills. That’s the reason why you see men die before women. It is because of too much bukata (responsibilities) on them.”

Elaborating on the values he learnt from his mother regarding marriage. He stipulated, “My dad will tell you that you shouldn’t marry just any woman; that you should marry an intelligent woman. You can’t also raise your hands against your wife, no matter what she does wrong.”

“Have it in mind that your wife is not God, so, she can make mistakes. The lowliest a man can sink is to beat his wife. My dad will never agree with that and even till today, I hate it. Any man that raises his hand to beat his wife is a madman.

“Women will do things that will make you angry, but the best thing to do is to leave the house for a while and just go somewhere. She will be the one calling and begging you to return home; promising that such a thing wouldn’t repeat itself. My dad usually told us that when we marry, we would be the ones taking care of the whole family, so we should work very hard.”

The actor revealed he makes time to be with his family and watch football whenever he is at home, but when he is not at home, he would be out looking for how to make ends meet.

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