“Our Celebrities Are Living Fake Life On Social Media”– Actress Bukunmi Oluwasina Reveals Shocking Details While Admitting That Even She Needs Help (Watch)

Nigerian actress Bukunmi Oluwasina has recently responded to the criticisms circulating on social media regarding actors’ purported lack of support for their fellow colleagues during times of financial hardship.

Recently, actress Kemity shed light on the financial difficulties encountered by many actors in the Nollywood industry, drawing attention to the challenges faced by numerous stars.

Kemity disclosed that certain actors earn as little as N30,000 (Nigerian Naira) after dedicating an entire week to a movie shoot, whereas others are fortunate enough to receive up to N150,000.

Backing up Kemity’s assertions, Bukunmi Oluwasina joined the conversation in the comment section to discuss the matter. She pointed out that certain colleagues who showcase luxurious lifestyles on social media are actually responsible for perpetuating misconceptions about actors’ financial well-being. Despite the common belief that actors are prosperous, the truth often diverges from this perception.

She said, God bless our good heart aunty Kemi. Please guys let’s always try to help anytime we can IF we can. There are no lies in everything she has said. I think this retirement plan thing should be a vital issue in the organisation, that needs to be addressed. on how it could be achieved. The people living fake lives on social media are the ones causing misconceptions. You would think some are millionaires with the kinda impression they create, when they don’t even have up to 500k in their accounts. The very few people who truly have the money don’t even flunt cos most of them are men and investors who don’t care about big cars and house. And they are the ones you ppl tag broke. Irony of life.

But for the ones always seeking validations on social media, Some big cars you see them ride and houses they buy, some still haven’t paid fully for it. And sometimes I don’t blame them either, some of you insult and mock struggling ppl who are public figures. Cos you create a standard for them based on how they are expected to live in your head, making them struggle everyday to meet up with that expectations. Because subconsciously, you believe popularity is wealth.

But my dear, those are two distinct things. The stark reality is that many of the people you expect to receive help from actually discreetly require assistance themselves.

And perhaps prayers as well. Because even until now, the meager funds that some individuals ought to be saving or investing for their future are instead spent on buying cars or globetrotting to capture pictures that will infuriate their detractors. They forget that each day is the beginning of the rest of our lives, and we are all approaching our inevitable end. It is only after the rain has stopped that the person with the most exquisite umbrella realizes it is nothing more than a burdensome weight.

POV: Please whenever you see things like this, don’t allow those people discourage you from helping You are saving a life. God bless bless you. ❤️💡”

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