Meet The Oldest Nigerian Actress “Iya Osogbo” Who Ruled for decades (Photos)

Veteran movie star, Iya Osogbo with real name Grace Oyin Adejobi is considered the oldest Nigerian actress.

The 93-year-old veteran started acting through her late husband and she believes that stage acting is superior to film.

NNG has gathered interesting information about Iya Osogbo’s rise to fame, her acting career and why she eventually quit her profession after several decades.

Before Nigeria’s film industry, Nollywood, became a thing, there were a number of veteran entertainers who started out with stage plays, music and other forms of entertainment before it became less popular.

Iya Osogbo’s background Grace Oyin Adejobi hails from Osun state’s capital, Osogbo. Her father was from Osogbo while her mother was from Offa in Kwara state. The veteran actress’ father was a bricklayer while her mother used to sell palm wine and solid pap popularly known as ‘eko’ in Yoruba or ‘agidi’ in Igbo.

Iya Osogbo’s father used to travel a lot due to his profession as a bricklayer and this made him able to speak many languages including Gambari, Igbo and English. How Iya Osogbo met her famous actor husband Oyin Adejobi In a number of interviews, Iya Osogbo revealed that she and her husband attended the same school, All Saints School, in Osogbo and they also used to live very close to each other.

She revealed that despite them being in the same school, he was her senior by many years and he eventually left school in 1948 while she was still there. Oyin Adejobi went to Lagos to stay with his older sibling, Primate Adeleke Adejobi and that was the period he started entertainment. His group was called the Adejobi Musical Party.

Oyin Adejobi returned to Osogbo in 1953 and by that time Iya Osogbo was already part of the All Saints Choir and he would come around to teach them music in school. According to Iya Osogbo, when he would come to the school, students used to play with his walking stick and it used to anger her. The aged actress revealed that she never knew that she and Adejobi would get close to the point of getting married but then both of their families knew each other.

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