“He was just looking for what to eat” Adeniyi Johnson pleads on behalf of skitmaker, Trinity Guy

Nollywood actor, Adeniyi Johnson has appealed to the Nigerian police to temper justice with Mercy on Skitmaker, Trinity Guy’s pending case.

The skitmaker is currently in detention in Ibadan over his dangerous prank which had him sexualizing a minor.

Taking to his Instagram page, Adeniyi Johnson pleaded to the Nigeria police to temper justice with Mercy.

He admitted that what Trinity did is wrong and absurd, however, he was only trying to fend for himself.

Adeniyi stated that his struggle for survival made him fall on the wrong side of the law.

“Dear Nigerian police force and every other related agencies!!!! Many of us agree that our brother did what is wrong and absurd!! All I am pleading for is to TEMPER JUSTICE WITH MERCY. Please @iamtrinityguy is a young man looking for what to eat legally but he incidentally fell on the wrong side of the law!! Please be merciful as I know he has learnt already”.

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