“Who swear for this people?”, Oba Solomon reacts as Tope Alabi uses ‘Aboru Aboye’ in her song (Video)

Controversial pastor Oba Solomon has reacts as renowned gospel singer Tope Alabi found herself embroiled in controversy after while ministering in church, which featured the use of traditionalist slang. Titled “Aboru Aboye.”

Tope Alabi, known for her soulful and uplifting gospel tunes, had always been celebrated for her unique style and ability to connect with audiences. However, the inclusion of the traditionalist phrase in her lyrics raised eyebrows and sparked a heated debate within the music community and among her fans.

Traditionalist slangs, such as “Aboru Aboye,” are commonly used within certain indigenous religious practices and are associated with traditional worship and cultural rituals.

The use of such terms by a gospel artist like Tope Alabi caught many listeners off guard and triggered a range of emotions.

The controversy quickly spread across social media platforms, where fans and critics shared their opinions. Many expressed disappointment and viewed it as a departure from her gospel roots.

Reacting to this Oba Solomon comes in defend of Tope Alabi saying ‘Aboru Aboye’ is Yoruba language not for the traditionalist.

In his word, ”

I saw some pastors speaking rubbish on social media, calling out gospel singer Tope Alabi for using the words “Aboru Aboye” in her song. They insist she should come out again and change the song because the slang “Aboru Aboye” is being used by traditionalists.

“Aboru Aboye” is not a bad slang for a gospel singer. Who swears for these pastors calling her out?

Watch the full video below:

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