“After being single mom for 8yrs and No Love for 4yrs” Finally, Today I am saying ‘YES’ to My Long time admirer, lover of my craft- Actress Bimpe Says As Akintunde Set To Get Married (Photos)

After 2 years of being single, Nollywood actress, Bimpe Akintunde is finally ready to tie the knot.

The Yoruba star announced the news of her engagement on her Instagram page minutes ago.

Sharing photos of her engagement ring, Bimpe revealed that he said ‘YES’ to her long-time admirer, lover of her craft, and long-time man.

She disclosed that her lover has been in love with her long before she met him and she feels so blessed to have met him.

Expressing excitement at their upcoming nuptials, she prayed for their marital journey to be easy.

“Today I am saying ‘YES’ to My Long time admirer, lover of my craft, my long-time lover. A man that has been in love with me long before I met him. I am so blessed meeting him, am so happy to be doing FOREVER with Him. He asked me to be his wife and I said YES. May Almighty Allah make this journey easy for us. MUMCYHAMMEDA is Taken. If you think or hope it will end in tears, you won’t leave to see it Insha Allah Bikudiratulai”.

The news of her engagement is coming as a surprise as just last month, Bimpe had lamented over her single status.

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