Tears of joy as Pastor Agbala Gabriel raises a fund of 6 million Naira for veteran actor Pariolodo (Video)

In a heartwarming display of compassion and support, Pastor Agbala Gabriel, a renowned cleric with a heart for philanthropy, has successfully raised a staggering fund of 6 million Naira for veteran actor Pariolodo.

The news has left Pariolodo overwhelmed with tears of joy and gratitude.

Pariolodo, a respected and beloved figure in the Nigerian entertainment scene, recently found himself facing challenging times.

However, the power of unity and the generosity of individuals on social media have come together to uplift him in his time of need.

Pastor Agbala Gabriel, known for his philanthropic endeavors, took the initiative to visit the veteran actor yesterday at his residence in Ikorodu area of Lagos to rally support for the veteran actor.

The fundraising campaign initiated by Pastor Gabriel quickly gained momentum as news spread throughout the industry and among fans.
Donations poured in from every corner, reflecting the deep admiration and gratitude people have for the actor, a sum of 5.1 million Naira was raised him yesterday.

In new development, Pastor Agbala Gabriel announced this morning that a sum of total sum of 6 million naira has been donate for the veteran actor.

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