Stunning transformation of viral orange seller as he graduates school (Photos)

An orange vendor who went viral in 2019 due to his magnificent voice looks stunning in a transformation photo as he graduates from high school.

In 2019, Adeoyelu Ayomide knelt before his orange tray while singing one of Tope Alabi’s songs, which went viral and earned him a scholarship from Reverend Esther Ajayi.

Comedian Woli Arole in a recent Instagram post recounted the journey of Ayomide from his days as an orange seller to date as he graduates from school.

Arole acknowledged Reverend Esther Ajayi for her financial support on Ayomide’s life while stating that he intends to further his education.

Sharing the graduating student’s photo, he wrote;

“In 2019 I remember driving to ilaro to meet Ayo, a young orange seller that was singing @tope_alabi_ song. He went viral and I was lead to see him, I posted his video, raise money for him, people met him through me and from there Rev Mother Esther Ajayi of @love_of_christ_generation saw him and adopted him.

Ayo just graduated from School naw, he’s proceeding his studies. God bless Rev Esther Ajayi, God bless AYO and God bless Woli Arole.

I am anointed to lifting MEN and also connecting MEN to destiny Helpers. God has given me 4 major rods: INFLUENCE, MEDIA, CREATIVITY and PROPHETIC. All Glory to GOD.”

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