“I Don’t Know If I Was Juju They Use For Me”– Portable Says As He Was R0bbed On Stage (Video)

Portable, a singer known for stirring controversy, expressed deep regret and frustration after leaping into a crowd of enthusiastic fans during his performance, only to discover that his prized wristwatch and gold chain had vanished without a trace.

A circulating video captured the singer in a state of utter exhaustion and bewilderment following the unfortunate incident.

Evidently, while engulfed in the euphoria of his show, Portable made the impulsive decision to immerse himself amidst his devoted audience.

Regrettably, fans who eagerly swarmed towards him ended up robbing him of his possessions, leaving him in a state of distress.

Portable was visibly distraught, expressing his confusion and disbelief at the turn of events, as he struggled to comprehend how his cherished gold chain and wristwatch had inexplicably vanished.

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