“I feel so sad that we lost a sister to a Muslim”- A Christians fan cries out as Mercy Aigbe perform Hajj 2023

Nigerian actress, Mercy Aigbe, embarked on a remarkable journey of faith as she joined millions of Muslims from around the world in performing Hajj, one of the five pillars of Islam.

As Mercy Aigbe set foot on the holy land of Mecca, she embraced the spiritual significance of Hajj, a journey that holds great importance in the Islamic faith. Her participation in this sacred ritual highlighted the power of faith to transcend religious boundaries and foster understanding among diverse communities.

However, amidst the celebration of Mercy Aigbe’s spiritual journey, a Christian fan expressed their concern, stating, “We have lost a sister to the Muslims.”

The fan wrote, ” I feel kind of sad that we lost a sister to a Muslim 😢, It’s how Adam has taken our sister from us for me😭😭 children of God. we have lost a sister to the Muslims 😢😢 please no 1 should take this post as if I’m insulting her oo. I just feel bad that a Christian sister has turned to a muslim, if na Muslim sister turn to Christian, they will say the same thing.”

The fan comment sparks reaction among followers. See reactions below:

– Una go just open mouth wa🤦🏾‍♀️. What as a spiritual journey got to do with you? Her husband didn’t make her change, he married her a Christian, she got to know more about Islam and made the choice herself!

What do you mean she loves Adam more than God. Please stop this thing before it leads to religious fight here. It’s not like you saying it is going to change anything. If you fee what she did was bad, reach out to her or intercede for her. Let mercy breathe please, don’t suffocate her

– That’s what “Money and influence” can do to some people…

– Muslim women convert to Christian every single day through marriage even some men because they tell them to bring in the church if she couldn’t his children would be Christian saying this with full chest, when one just convert to Muslim most start insulting

– Is he not treating her well.pls can you sincerely come out and tell how does DAT affect your life

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