“I am pregnant again” – Congratulations pour as Jumoke Odetola excited over her new blessing

Renowned Nigerian actress, Jumoke Odetola, shared exciting news that has sent waves of congratulations throughout the entertainment industry and among her fans.

With a heart brimming with joy, Jumoke Odetola announced that she is expecting a new blessing.

She reveals that she is pregnant and can’t keep calm.

Apologizing to her fans for her absence on social media, Jumoke stated that the great child she is about to birth needs alone time with her.

The soon-to-be mother who has butterflies in her belly promised to share more details later.

She wrote, ” I AM PREGNANT AGAIN! I CAN’T KEEP CALM! I heard you’ve been looking for me. I am sorry for the long break off social media. The GREAT CHILD about to be birth needed all the alone time for the preparation.

This is different! A great child is about to be birth. I have butterflies in my tummy😍 Will be sharing this great news with you by 5pm today. Can you take a guess on what it is?”

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