“Nah fathers wey dey responsible we dey celebrate, If you no won chop cur.se and public disgrace, be responsible” – Olaide Oyedeji issue warning to 2nd husband

Nigerian actress Olaide Oyedeji took to social media to deliver a strong message to negligent fathers and specifically directed a stern warning to second husband.

In a passionate post, the actress did not mince words as she addressed the issue of deadbeat fathers and the consequences they may face if they continue to shirk their responsibilities.

She wrote, ” This year father’s day don go. Dear fathers out there if you no won chop cur.se or public disgrace by the next Father’s Day start to day carry your responsibility and make Una day try see and care (to your very last cent) for you children if not your baby mama will not celebrate you and you go receive same gift this and next year and every other year✌️”

Nah fathers wey Dey responsible we Dey celebrate,no time for eye service,have always said this you can be, A bad man
A bad husband, A bad person, BUT NEVER BE A BAD FATHER ✌️”

Recalls that On Father’s Day, actress Olaide Oyedeji, took to social media to express her appreciation for her first husband’s exceptional fatherhood skills.

In a heartfelt message, she praised him for his unwavering dedication and love towards their children.

She wrote ” To the first man that turned me to a mother,oluwadamilare Solarin so many things has happened between us but you’ll still remain my G,I have so many amazing children from you and they are blessing from God to me,we have so many ups and downs but we still manage to co-parent our children I know you can and will do more and I pray God bless you to be able to do more,your not just a sper.m donor your father to your children and I pray God keeps blessing your path,thank you for always looking out for not just your children ✌️ Happy Father’s Day my G”

However, she didn’t shy away to shade her second husband and other mens who failed to do their responsibilities on ther children, labeling them a “deadbeat father.”

She wrote, ” To all the deadbeat fathers out there eku oshi, ti Yinta, your just a sperm donor that fathered a child to this world for a woman to shoulder your responsibility for your deadbeat life YOU AIN’T A FATHER.

Unhappy Father’s Day to the unhealthy fathers out there. May God continue to provide for us the women that are playing the role of both of your (supposed children) IRE OOO.”

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