“After 6 failed IVFs in UK, I tried once in Nigeria and got triplets”, Woman who gave birth at age 54 reveals…

A Nigerian woman who lives in the UK did IVF six times over there, and they all came out unsuccessful.

The TikTok creator, Funmi Edeni, 54, said she was advised to return to Nigeria and try the IVF clinics in the country since they are said to be very good.

Funmi said she heeded the advice and returned to Nigeria.

She tried her 7th IVF in Nigeria, and it was a resounding success as she conceived and gave birth to triplets.

Funmi disclosed this while answering questions from her followers on TikTok, who wanted to know how she conceived and gave birth to triplets at the advanced age of 54. She said on TikTok:

“I came all the way from UK to have my 7th IVF done. I have done six in the UK. Then I was told that I should try Nigeria, that they are very good in Nigeria. I came to Nigeria for my IVF and it was a success.”

Some Nigerians who reacted to her video shared similar experiences. Time of gist gathered some of the reactions below:

@Soso said: “People think nothing good is in Nigeria. I’ve seen people from UK to Nigeria to operate on fibroid and other health issues.”

@sister Elisa commented: “My Aunty did hers in the USA it didn’t work but she did it in Nigeria and had twins.”

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