Fans drag actress Olaide Oyedeji for praising 1st husband and calling 2nd husband a deadbeat father (Details)

Nigerian actress Olaide Oyedeji has found herself embroiled in controversy after making controversial statements about her husbands on social media.

Olaide Oyedeji took to her social media platform on Fathers’s day to praise her first husband for being a good father while berating her second husband for allegedly being a deadbeat father.

She wrote ” To the first man that turned me to a mother,oluwadamilare Solarin so many things has happened between us but you’ll still remain my G,I have so many amazing children from you and they are blessing from God to me,we have so many ups and downs but we still manage to co-parent our children I know you can and will do more and I pray God bless you to be able to do more,your not just a sper.m donor your father to your children and I pray God keeps blessing your path,thank you for always looking out for not just your children ✌️ Happy Father’s Day my G”

However, she didn’t shy away to shade her second husband and other mens who failed to do their responsibilities on ther children, labeling them a “deadbeat father.”

She wrote, ” To all the deadbeat fathers out there eku oshi, ti Yinta, your just a sperm donor that fathered a child to this world for a woman to shoulder your responsibility for your deadbeat life YOU AIN’T A FATHER.

The remarks ignited a firestorm of criticism and mixed reactions from fans and followers.

See reactions below:

– Madam can you pls rest, this man was a good father/husband until things turns bad between d both of you n then u suddenly remember your so called Ex to be d best when your Ex was d best father why did you leave him to go for baba Abike ?just move on woman n let d sleeping dog lies, we all see d way this man was traumatized during d time u left him it’s shows d level of love he had for you n kids madam rest n face your kids ire o…….

Let out fathers Day Breath woman 🤨I applauded u for for letting your fist kids appreciate their Dad when u posted him but little did I know u did it cos u wanted to Drag another man,this deadbeat Father u dragging is the Guy that me and some few guys personally used to call a Fool for always there acting too nice and doing like a slave to u and the kids because he was always there and u never for ☝️ hyped your first baby daddy now the Ade Ade wey u no let us hear word then now don turn to Deadbeat father. We Don know your type lol. I said Anywoman Wey Bring up drama on Father’s Day I’m going to write them down. The fact that Your Life,your business your Confidentialities are all on social media is enough for any man to even leave. Let our Father’s Day Breath woman. How do some women even think so u would show to your kids from this age that u can be with multiple Men is Terrifying 🤦🏻‍♂️

what a funny write up. I disagree sha that the person you are shading is deadbeat. Although you are the one wearing the shoes however, you have made your life/marriage a show on social media so we see things. In my unsolicited opinion that is not what dead beat means. You may have been the one providing financially but the fact that he made himself available for you and your kids. Takes them to school, play ground and all. At least you both showed us that. He covers most of your videos that fetches you money, takes care of your other children. My dear he is not dead beat o. If i show you dead beat father ehn, walahi you go fear fear. 😂😂😂 na u dey the marriage, na u know why u comot but not everyone be mumu o. I dont mean to be rude sha but that guy no be deadbeat o. Haa😂😂

The sudden hate that comes out of we women especially when we start earning more than our partner is common mama abike.. the love on your side begins to die slowly but one thing we all saw about Ade as you made us call him 😢was the fact he was intentional in his hustle together with you.. no be every season every body dey cash out.. there are father’s our there that don’t even show up at all all… Baba Abike is not a dead beat father.. you sef don fall out hands plenty times for this app shamelessly but we no leave you cos noby holy pass… Learn to appreciate matter how little 😢😍😍

– Abioooo, na wa for some women, even when the man is keeping his peace, they will still want to drag him. Help me ask her, good question she’s using divide and rule. Shameless being. The guy is coming up and she didn’t want to see him happy. Olohun ti ju ee loor. Iyawo elejowewe.

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