“So Una Neva Forgive Your Father”– Twinz Love Celebrate There Mother On Fathers Day (Watch)

In a heartwarming tribute on Father’s Day, skit-maker duo Twinz Love took a moment to honor their mother and acknowledge her unwavering dedication and love.

In a touching message shared on their social media platforms, the talented siblings expressed their deep appreciation for their mother’s remarkable strength and role as both a mother and a father figure in their lives.

Twinz Love described their mother as their hero, highlighting her tireless efforts in providing for their needs.

They wrote, ” Happy Father’s Day to my Mom and all the single moms out there, who for whatever reason had to hold it down twice as hard. You deserve a celebration evervdav, You fought through for us, stood by us alone, raised us alone, you are a champion. …

You are the best parent a child could ever have Mom,Fathers are Heroes; thanks for being our Hero, Iya ibeji👩‍👧‍👧 @princess_adeyinka_ we love you so very much let’s face it you’re the best dad”.

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