I have a good wife – Actor Saka speaks on his teaching and acting careers (Details)

Actor Afeez Oyetoro, popularly referred to as Saka, has recognized the vital contribution his spouse makes in assisting him in harmonizing his acting vocation and academic duties.

In an interview with the Punch, he attributed efficient time allocation as a pivotal element in his accomplishments. Rather than engaging in recreational activities at the bar, as some of his peers do, Saka optimizes his leisure time for more fruitful endeavors.

As a government employee, he needs to find time for his filming sessions, which is a widely recognized fact among Nigerian producers.

The seasoned actor’s shared understanding with his wife fosters a serene domestic atmosphere, enabling him to wholeheartedly pursue his aspirations and carve out leisure time for relaxation.

He said, “I engage in both teaching and theater activities, yet I have successfully mastered the art of time management. Instead of spending my leisure hours at the clubs like some of my colleagues, I dedicate mine to more fruitful endeavors.”

Furthermore, it is widely acknowledged among Nigerian producers that I hold a civil service position, consequently leading to the scheduling of my filming primarily on weekends or holidays.

“In addition, I am blessed with a good spouse who nurtures and supports me wholeheartedly. I consistently emphasize to others that a man’s greatest fortune lies in finding a wife who shares his vision.

My wife and I understand one another, ensuring a harmonious household. Thus, I am at peace with all my endeavors and also have ample time for relaxation.”

When discussing which career path brings him greater satisfaction, Saka highlighted the distinctive rewards offered by both his acting and teaching professions. He further emphasized their inherent similarities.

He said, “The notion of ‘rewarding’ is subjective. As an educator, I experience a profound sense of fulfillment as a lot of individuals have benefited from my guidance, which holds enduring value. I have dedicated nearly three decades to academia.

Just recently, during a visit to Abuja, I met someone I once taught, and I received a warm reception. Hence, being a lecturer is rewarding, and its value transcends mere financial gain.”

Apart from the financial rewards, being an actor brings me immense satisfaction as well.

“I firmly believe that both being a teacher and an actor share common ground. While a teacher imparts knowledge within the confines of a classroom, an actor educates beyond those boundaries.

When it comes to rewards, acting tends to be more financially lucrative. However, teaching holds a greater sense of value. I can proudly recount numerous individuals who have passed through my tutelage and are now thriving.”

Furthermore, the actor emphasized his commitment to staying relevant by keeping up with the latest trends.

He highlighted his active presence on social media platforms, and despite the possibility of losing relevance over time, he affirmed that he would never resort to following negative trends.

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