Meet Yoruba Actor Wale Akorede Okunnu’s Lovely Wife (Photos)

Here is Wunmi Akorede, wife of Nollywood comedy actor, Wale Akorede, popularly called Okunnu.

Wale Akorede meet his wife in 1995, and they are blessed with three kids.

In a recent interview, Okunnu reveals how he met his wife.

How did you meet?

Wale: We met in 1995 when I came to Nigeria from Saudi Arabia. I used to come home occasionally then. On that day, I went to meet a friend in Dugbe area in Ibadan, Oyo State. As I wanted to enter my friend’s office, I saw her in a shoe shop beside my friend’s office.

I asked my friend who she was after I saw him and if I could talk to her. He said I could since she was not married. I immediately sent one of his apprentices to call her but she refused to come. I decided to meet her myself and told her I was the one who sent for her. She said she did not know me and could not have followed the person I sent to call her. I apologised and said I would like to talk with her but she said she was busy. I left and promised to see her later but I could not return to the area before I went back to Saudi Arabia. I used to ask after her anytime I called my friend on a land phone.

I requested to talk to her one day but my friend told me that she said she was busy. I did not return to Nigeria until a year and four months. When I returned, I went to see her and told her I had an interest in her. I did not want her to know where I lived because I had furnished my apartment to taste at the time. I wanted to know her character well.

So each time I called her, I always told her to meet me in my friend’s place. One day, she told me to take her to where I lived. After I was convinced that she was someone I could marry, I invited her to where I stayed but told my sister not to take her straight to my room whenever she came. When she came, my sister was not around. She saw a boy who pointed to my room when she asked where I lived. She knocked and I just opened the door. I was surprised that day but felt that was how God wanted it. We eventually got married in 1997.

See photos of Okunnu’s wife below:

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