I Have H00ked Up With 10 Out Of The 30 Pe0ple Advising My Wife To Leave Me – Singer P0rtable brags (VIDEO)

Nigerian controversial musician, Portable or Zazu said some of his wife’s friends are Advising her to leave him. He revealed that he has hooked up with 10 out of 30 ladies telling his wife to exit the marriage.

His first wife, Bewaji Ewatomi was the one who shared the video on Instagram. Tagging her husband she said, “One man for all women and all women for one man” which is the same statement he also made in the video.

You can watch the video here

He said he went through his wife’s phone and have seen what people are saying or telling her. He said his house is full and he still has a lot of ladies who are still trying to get to him. Portable said he has ditched some of the ladies that are advising his wife to leave.

Videos of the musician’s naming with the actress who recently gave birth to a boy for him have been circulating social media. He made the statement that she is now his wife which further sparked reactions.

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