Meet Late Pastor Ajidara: Abela Pupa star, Muslim turned Christian actor who made it his life’s work to expose false prophets

Make more lasting memories before you pass away. Every man will live and eventually die. No one would be able to avoid death because it is a debt, but we won’t all pass away at the same time.

Grim reapers occasionally behave like August visitors; they show up without notice and take anybody they like. They have no regard for human life.

Any graveyard you visit is filled of people who either passed away before their time or who worked vainly because they did not live long enough to reap the rewards of their effort.

It’s true that life can either be terribly hard or very soft. No matter how difficult or easy life is, it always comes to an end. No life is lost haphazardly.

Simply put, everything ends when the wall coverings are drawn.

Adesina Akinsanya: Who is he? Few people are aware that he was a multifaceted Nollywood actor who graced our screens for many years.

Simply mentioning Pastor Ajidara will cause fans of Yoruba cinema to instantly reminisce about the talented actor’s glory days playing dubious religious leaders. His portrayal of such characters is unusual, almost weird.

Akinsanya was a gentleman with panache and tenacity. Until late Ahmed Alasari persuaded him to play Pastor Ajidara in the film Abela Pupa, few people are aware that he began his acting career in English-language films, which he appreciated. His rise to fame coincided with the emergence of a deep passion for Yoruba films.

He frequently appeared in movies intended to discourage people from doing evil. From Baba Gomina to Famihan to Mr. President to Ise Obinrin, Obalola, and Owolabi among others, he blessed our screens as a diabolical prophet wearing a cap with the inscription, “PASTOR AJIDARA.”

This 2003 Yoruba film directed by Olaiya Igwe propelled him to stardom and gave more people the chance to appreciate his acting skills.

His capacity to play a comic-prophet of dubious character with a serious tone in films appears to be a distinguishing quality or quality that he alone possesses. He committed his acting career to exposing false and bad prophets who use God’s name to cover up their evil deeds.

Despite his fame, he had a very quiet life and always avoided unwanted attention.
Adesanya, well known by his stage name Pastor Ajidara, was more than a Nollywood actor. When he is acting, one would assume he has no life outside of performing due to his grasp of Yoruba and how he interprets his scripts.

In the Ogun State Judiciary, Adesanya nee Pastor Ajidara, a retired (Civil Servant) resigned from his position as a deputy registrar of a magistrate.
He was born into a Muslim family and went by Sikiru before converting to Christianity. He is also a proud member of the Kegite club. Additionally, he changed his name to Samuel.

Unconfirmed sources asserted that his decision to leave Islam and embrace Christianity was motivated by his wife and mother of his three children, Atinuke, as well as interests he developed while playing a prophet in movies.

However, other sources asserted that he had already converted to Christianity before meeting Atinuke.

The actor who passed away at the age of 62 went to Ogbogbo Baptist Grammar School in Ijebu-Ode and spent his active years there before passing away in Abeokuta. He also served as the first Governor of the Ogun State Chapter of the Theatre Arts and Motion Picture Practitioners Association of Nigeria (TAMPAN).

The information about the tertiary university he attended is still hazy as of the time of publishing of this story, but sources told Nollynaijanews that he was a graduate of a prestigious institution in Ogun State.


Findings showed that Samuel Adesina Adesanya, the late actor, had been suffering kidney-related sickness since 2012, the year of his near-fatal accident in Owode, Ogun State.

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