Fans React As Actress Victoria Kolawole Says Damola Olatunji Is A “Sweet Boy” As She Shares Loved Up Photos and Video online (Watch)

Nollywood celebrities have a lot of fun on set, and if they aren’t careful, they could forget they are working on a project.

Even while the performers work extremely hard to provide you high-quality films that have excellent interpretations of their characters, they still find time to have fun.

Victoria Kolawole has been uploading images and videos of herself and Damola Olatunji teasing their admirers with romantic movements, despite the fact that they both have real-life partners.
While the viewers enjoyed the video’s humour, they joked that Olatunji should be careful because his wife, Awoyemi Bukola Grace, is also an actress. They also reminded his colleague that she is with Otega, whom many believe she took from another woman and was the reason for the marriage’s demise.

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