‘If God made the World, then Who Made God’ Israel Adesanya, questions religion

“If God made the world, who made God?,” Mixed Martial Artist, Israel Adesanya, questions religion

Professional Mixed Martial Artist, Israel Mobolaji Adesanya, has given his distinctive views on religion and God.

The Last Stylebender, who is the reigning Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight title holder, appeared on the ImPaulsive podcast recently with presenters Mike Majlak and American social media personality, actor, and professional wrestler Logan Paul.

Adesanya on the podcast was asked by Logan Paul about his spirituality. He went into a detailed description of his journey with religion over the years. According to Adesanya, he began to question God as the sovereign creator of the world based on who created him.

He revealed that his questions about God started when he was about seven. He explained that it started in Sunday school, where his curiosity about who created God came from. Adesanya responded with a detailed breakdown, he said, “I’m spiritual. I love LA and Vegas. I love those places, but actually, if even in Vegas, I just have to live off the strip same way. I’m human at the end of the day I’m regular I’m just another dude but I do extraordinary.

I grew up in a religious household, but when I was young Sunday school. I remember asking like my Sunday school teacher well if God made the world then who made God and no one had an answer for me. I asked my parents and then what I asked my housemates and one of my aunties remember. I kept on asking for like a whole week and she goes if you keep asking that question you go mad.
That was when I was like okay I don’t think these adults really know what’s happening I think because I was probably like seven eight.”

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