I was a Bus conductor and a Plantain Seller Before God Miraculously Connected me to Odunlade Adekola in Mushin-Tunde Owokoniran Spills (Details)

later gained admission into Lagos State University (LASU) to study Industrial Relation and Personnel Management. He later graduated in 2010.

Tunde Owokoniran’s Marriage and Family
Babatunde Owokoniran is married to Tunmise, an American citizen. They met during one of Tumise`s visit to Nigeria. He proposed to her on the 19th of January 2016 at the airport. They finally got married on the 24th of January 2016 and they have a beautiful girl to show for it.

Tunde Owokoniran’s Movies
Tunde Owokoniran has acted a lot of movies and has also produced several others. Some of the movies include Ilu Alujo, Agbas’se, Sokofun, and Oro jade, Penkele mess, Sokofun, and Sunday Dagboru.

Tunde Owokoniran’s net worth, unfortunately, hasn’t been made public

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