“If you truly believed in God’s words as you preach, you would have resolved the issues in your marriage, go back and put the devil to shame – A fan tells Bukola Arugba

In a heartfelt message of encouragement and advice, a concerned fan has reached out to popular actress Bukola Arugba, urging her to turn to her faith and resolve the issues in her marriage.

The fan’s message comes in response to recent news of the actress officially announcing her separation from her husband, Damola Olatunji.

Shortly after she announced her separation, Bukola Arugba posted a bible verse on her Instagram to preach words of God.

A fan took to the comment section to expressed belief that if Bukola Arugba truly believed in the teachings of God, as she often preaches, she would find the strength and guidance to overcome the challenges in her marriage.

Encouraging her to return and “put the devil to shame,” the fan emphasized the importance of relying on faith to find resolution.

The fan comments read:

If you so believed in His Words, have faith in Him too, what is the issue in your marriage that can’t be resolved. I have known and followed you since your University days, but I felt heart broken when I saw your separation letter from your husband.

Bukky, there is no perfect marriage on this earth, anyone goading you don’t like you.I beg you in the name above all names, if its possible reconcile with Tunji for the sake of your children. If He is not abusing you, your life is not threatened, please go back and put the devil to shame.

I have about 25years experience so I know what I am saying. Build your home, forgive your husband, love him unconditionally as Jesus loved us. Seen you on set and in real life with the twins gives me joy. Think of what your mother is feeling right now, don’t make her cry even in grave. You were well brought up in Christ. Please, retrace your steps, it’s not too late. I offered myself for any part you want me to play in achieving this, just ask and it shall be done.

I know you very well and I cried the day I saw that letter. Is Tunji right? No because he is vulnerable, he is human being like you and I. Stop the journey you are embarking on now, it won’t lead you to anywhere, don’t think another man is better than Tunji, it will be late when you realise this.

Say no to single mother. I am begging you on the basis that,Tunji did not send you out and he never wants separation but he offended you. My dear, a stitch in time saves nine. May God open your eyes and heart to see reason and claim what is yours. Claim it, own it and dominate. May God mercy and grace never depart from you. Love you and I wish you well, my regards to the Ejires. Ire o. Note: I know some people may abuse me for this, but I don’t care, its inconsequential.

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