I was not Born This Way, Wrong Injection Causes My Disability – Yoruba Actor, Kazeem Abimbola aka Jigan Baba Oja Spills (Photos)

Nigerian actor Kazeem Abimbola, aka Jigan Babaoja reveals that when he was sick, the hospital his mother took him to gives him the wrong injection that affected his leg.

His words, Jigan Babaoja said:

I grew up in Shomolu, Bariga. I went to primary school in Shomolu and then proceeded to Morocco Secondary School, Yaba. I was a fuji musician but I never had any support from my father because I was always sleeping out. He said music is meant for touts, so he stopped me from doing music until 2000 when I fully came on-board.

Growing up? Haaa… I was a very tough boy when I was growing up. I needed to be tough due to my condition. I was not born this way; I fell sick and my mom took me to the hospital where I was given the wrong injection in the wrong part, so it affected my leg. Growing up, I got bullied all the time and the only way I thought I could defend myself was to fight back. So, I started getting so tough and people wouldn’t want to mingle with me.

He also shared experience about being bullied due to your disability, he said:

A particular experience was when I was in primary school; the school compound was small so we would always go to another school when it’s time for inter-house sports. One day, the pupils all left for the inter-house sports and I was left behind. When they got back, my friends asked me why I didn’t go with them, and then the teacher said that I couldn’t go because I had nothing to offer. I felt so bad.

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