“I am not like your father,” Damola Olatunji tells a fan who called him ‘Oloko give away’

Popular Nigerian actor Damola Olatunji responded to a fan who insulted him on social media.

The incident occurred when Damola shared a video of himself in Abuja have a nice time at Tinubu’s inauguration praty.He caption the photo with, ” Hallelu haaaleeeluuu halleluyah ❤️ #unstoppable #renewedhope #sonofGrace #emperorspeople”

A fan, using the handle “sharon_scot_th,” commented on Damola Olatunji’s posts, referring to him as “Alatenuje, Oloko give away.” telling to go pay his twins school fees.

The fan wrote, ” Atenu, ONIJEKUJE, continue…
Den don give you change from your Abuja trip🙄 sha go pay the Twins school fees. Oloko give away!”

Damola Olatunji’s dignified response did not go unnoticed. Fans and followers of the actor applauded him for handling the situation.

This comes up shortly after Damola’s wife took to social media to announce their separation.

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