Rich, uneducated actresses are destroying Nollywood – Actress Bimbo Success

Bimbo Success, a renowned Yoruba actress, revealed that insufficient training in the entertainment sector is the root cause of the limited adaptability among actors.

During a recent conversation with Punch, the prominent film star emphasized that some actresses mistakenly believe that financial resources alone are sufficient to create exceptional movies.

She elaborated on how the essence of the industry is being compromised by affluent actresses who venture into film production without proper preparation.

According to Bimbo, the absence of adequate training inhibits actors from effectively embodying their roles. She pointed out that there are individuals within the industry who neglect training altogether. Additionally, some female filmmakers solely rely on their financial resources to produce movies.

These filmmakers clandestinely create films without undergoing any form of prior training. Their primary focus is on acquiring funds, and they proceed with film production without possessing the necessary skills or knowledge for the job.

The actress shared an intriguing incident, mentioning how some individuals were taken aback when they discovered that she had pursued higher education.

After completing her National Youth Service Corps program in Bayelsa State, she proudly shared her certificate and uniform on her social media platform.

Bimbo explained that, when people watch her in movies, they might suggest that she’s uneducated, but she is indeed a well-educated individual.

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