Meet Actor Kunle Afod Wife And His Four Children (Photos)

Kunle Afod is another great actor, filmmaker and director. He was born on October 1973. He had part of his primary school education in Festac, Lagos before completing his primary school education in Owo, Ondo State.

He moved to Kaduna where he had his secondary school education at the Command Secondary School.

After school, he has since been acting and directing a lot of films as many films bagged him awards.

Nollywood movies become boring to watch if they are poorly directed by quack directors or better still if actors fail to deliver what is expected of them. People who love good movies and delight in the quality delivery of actors in Nollywood films always look out for Kunle Afod directed movies because of his achievements and track records in the industry.

Kunle Afod is married to Desola Afod and they both have four adorable children.Photo of Kunle Afod, wife and children.

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